Resources for game industry and/or 3D art freelancing newbies

In this post I’ll be compiling useful resources for those interested in starting a career as either a game developer or a freelancer – or both!

I thought about making two different posts for these (game industry – freelancing) but then I realized that both of them overlap in some ways, specially with the people interested in starting either of those two or those who are in my circles. I have been both at the same time for most part of my career.

Game dev focused:

Linden Reid has a lot of great content, like a list of adaptable ideas for improving and finding paid work as a game developer.

Javiera’s MEGA thread, read it:

Helpful for both:

Portfolio and resume guide by Linden Reid

Tips for good professional/neutral e-mail communication by Dani Donovan. Started out as a Twitter thread that exploded:

Freelancing focused:

A short (and incredibly helpful) guide to freelance rates by Xavier Coelho-Kostolny

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