Dauntless is a live free-to-play action role-playing video game developed by Phoenix Labs and published and distributed by Epic Games available with cross-play in every current-gen consoles.

I joined Phoenix Labs in June 2021 and was working on Dauntless from then until February 2022 when I moved to an unnanounced project. Everything seen here was made using Cascade in Unreal.


This was one of my favourite things to work on during my time in Dauntless!

  • The eyes on top of the shrowd; they look at random directions. This is done combining a material with Cascade.
    A player uploaded a video to inspect it up close in which one can see the 4 eyes activated on the behemoth.
  • The tentacles coming from the ground – darkness omnicell. I didn’t do the tentacle animation itself though, that was done by a coworker that I was helping learn Blender (coming from Maya); I modelled, rigged, and implemented them.
  • And this banner plant:

From this video above I also did the VFX on the armour which came out with the Tempest omnicell and Blazeworks update.

Tempest omnicell and Blazeworks:

  • Environment vfx in Blazeworks (smoke and lava)
  • Tempest omnicell vfx (time-stamp on video above: 0:31)

Marauders lantern transmog

Thunderdeep drask:

This was my first task for Dauntless <3

  • Drask movement/attacks vfx

You can check out more of my VFX work here.