On this page I’ll show a bit of my process for making Chef from Risk of Rain into a character for Risk of Rain 2.

Originally I made these renders just for fun, fan art:

Theese were made trying to recreate Risk of Rain 2’s visual aesthetic to match, since I wanted to make a believable in-game screenshot:

But I also made a semi-realistic material for it and had my fun with it:

Couple of months later came an art contest for Risk of Rain 2! The theme being what character from the first game you would like in the sequel. Since I already had my character done I wanted to add more content to it to make it even better, so I came up with this:

It took me several iterations to get there, here are some of the WIP screenshots:

In case you’re not familiarized with Risk of Rain, this is how Chef looked in the first game and then how the second game looks: