Visual Effects (VFX)

My first experience with particle systems and materials/shaders was during my time at VFS. I was in charge of visual effects for my final project Catrina’s Plight, using Unity. In July 2020 I started working at Gasket Games as Visual Effects Artist in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground and stayed until end of production in May 2021. For this project I made dynamic materials, particle systems, and blueprints in Unreal to bring life to the characters and the world. You can see more about what I did if you click the picture:

After Gasket Games I started working on Dauntless at Phoenix Labs:

In January of 2022 I switched from Dauntless to an unnanounced title I am incredibly excited for for which I made lots of materials and particle systems using Niagara in UE4.

During my free time I’ve also been working on some personal projects like:

The Virus project. These models were originally made for a Global Game Jam, later on I worked on their materials in Blender to create an animation. You can see more about it here.

The Chef (fanart) project for Risk of Rain 2. Originally made for fun, then Hopoo organized an art contest and I re-worked it to submit an animation with him that you can see here.

I’ve also written a few blog posts on VFX.