[title style=”bold-center” text=”Visual effects (VFX)”]

My first experience with particle systems and materials/shaders was during my time at VFS. I was in charge of visual effects for my final project Catrina’s Plight, using Unity. In July 2020 I started working at Gasket Games as Visual Effects Artist in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground and stayed until end of production in May 2021. For this project I made dynamic materials, particle systems, and blueprints in Unreal to bring life to the characters and the world. You can see more about what I did if you click the picture:

[ux_image id=”1066″ link=”http://erikamoya.com/warhammer-age-of-sigmar/”]


After Gasket Games I started working on Dauntless in Phoenix Labs, which is where I currently am. I don’t have a page to show off the work I’ve done for them yet, but soon.

During my free time I’ve also been working on some personal projects like:

[ux_image id=”817″ link=”http://erikamoya.com/virus/”]

The Virus project. These models were originally made for a Global Game Jam, later on I worked on their materials in Blender to create an animation. You can see more about it here.

[ux_image id=”896″ link=”http://erikamoya.com/chef/”]

The Chef (fanart) project for Risk of Rain 2. Originally made for fun, then Hopoo organized an art contest and I re-worked it to submit an animation with him that you can see here.