In this page you can find all the relevant projects I’ve shared publicly of my 3D character work.

The Chef (fanart) project for Risk of Rain 2. Originally made for fun, then Hopoo organized an art contest and I re-worked it to submit an animation with him that you can see here.

The Virus project. These models were originally made for a Global Game Jam, later on I worked on their materials in Blender to create an animation. You can see more about it here.

The Aliens project was just for fun, made completely in Blender. I used the alien emojis as inspiration.

Pickle Rick

This Pickle Rick I also did for fun, wanted to practice making a facial rig. It was done in Blender and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. It was implemented in a couple GTAV mods.

Next is the Dragon Knight project. You can right click on the pictures and select Open Image in New Tab to see them in their full resolution, I also have it up in Sketchfab. This was made using Tooth Wu’s concept.

This old man that you can see in Sketchfab following David Wardell‘s concept.

Saw a meme of the Spongebob’s cockroach wearing the stereotypical Mexican sombrero and felt inspired. Modeled and rigged in Blender. Texture is 35x64px with everything on it. Project took 5 hours.

Crimson Grit
It’s a 2D game made with 3D rendered assets, I made every character (model, rig, texture, animation, render).

You can see more of my work in