Dragon knight

Here I’m going to go through my process creating Dragon Warrior.

First I found this concept from Tooth Wu (Artstation page) and that he was okay with other artists making it in 3D so I decided to do it myself -I didn’t stick 100% to the original design as you can see though-.

First I looked for references for the kid, used this for the body:

I also modeled the face with that reference but that made him look too white and wasn’t compatible with the design so I used the concept itself to fix it. Unfortunately I didn’t save a screenshot of how he looked before the fix.

After finishing modeling him I started with the dragon

And then I went on Substance Painter to texture the kid. I enjoyed this part more than I usually do and I’m really happy with how the kid came up.

Sculpted in some details for the dragon with Blender, textured in Painter as well. In this part I was having lots of issues with Painter crashing because my laptop kept running out of memory and having to do some stuff over and over again, but I believe that helped to make it better so I wasn’t that mad about it.

I did some crappy test renders

After I rigged them and posed them I imported in Marmoset Toolbag and got some pretty renders. Here’s my Artstation post.