modular cabin

I made it for an assignment at VFS in 2016, had to make half of a modular kit that included walls, floor, ceiling, storage unit, regeneration unit, hydroponic unit, door, and a hero asset of around 50k tris but I decided to do it complete. Tried (and succeeded) to keep it optimized but detailed.

I modeled everything in Maya, textured the generator in Substance Painter and the rest in Designer. The above render was made with Unity.

The package includes:

  • Wall (1) [1,136 tris]
  • Door frame (1) [584 tris]
  • Corner (1) [762 tris]
  • Floor (1) [500 tris]
  • Door (2) [513 tris]
  • Ceiling (2) [60 tris]
  • Cactus (2) [1,842 tris]
  • Regeneration unit (3) [2,232 tris]
  • Storage unit (3) [685 tris]
  • Generator [50,522 tris]

The numbers indicate what assets share texture, there’re 3 packs of 2048 x 2048px textures, the generator has its own.
The regeneration unit is a table with bottles, I also included the table and bottles as separate objects.
There’s also a lamp there, that one is not really optimized but I just added it for the renders, wasn’t really part of the pack.

The pack can be downloaded from:

This is the reference I used for the generator: